Conduction of Online examination for the subjects Management



(ISO/IEC – 27001 2005 Certified)

The Principal,

All affiliated polytechnics

Subject : Conduction of Online examination for the subjects Management (17601) and

Advance Java Programming (17625) during Summer 2015.

You are aware of the fact that Management (Subject Code 17601, which is a common subject to all branches) and Advanced Java Programming (Subject code 17625, for Computer Group) subjects are evaluated through online examination from Summer 2015. Examination centre with following infrastructure requirements has to be established in all institutes on priority basis.



Details Specification
I -Laptop- (local server) any machine with minimum I GB RAM
2 LAN connection working condition LAN connection with minimum 40 clients connected to server.
3 1 Net Setter with minimum 2 mbps speed
4 UPS 1 KVA online UPS with minimum 2 hours backup.
5 Terminal PC with 1 GB RAM, Network connectivity and browser, client should have LAN connectivity
6 Power Backup Use Generator as power backup for all machines at the time of exam. Ensure that the generator has capacity to run continuously for minimum three hours.

N.B. The above mentioned specification is the basic minimum requirement. Additional capacity or multiple setups are appreciated.

In order to check the readiness of institutes for online examination, it is decided to conduct the second class test for the subject in online mode. In this background, you are hereby informed to setup the infrastructure in your institute and keep it ready for the second class test by


               This activity is to be taken on top priority and complied with efficiently.

(Dr. Vinod M.M0hitkar) Secretary

Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai-400051.

Copy submitted to :

  1. Hon ‘ble Director, MSBTE, Mumbai for infomation.
  2. Deputy Secretary, RBTE, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Aurangabad for followup at regional level.

SUB — Examination form filling in case of “A” Scheme students appearing for equivalent “G” Scheme subject in Summer — 2015

REF – l) No.MSBTlì/D+O/Equivalent/2014-15/1499, date 24.22015 2) No.MSBTE/D50/Equivalent/2014-15/1501, date 24.2.2015

With reference to above the equivalent subjects for “A” Scheme subjects in “G” Scheme are notified. The examination forms of those students for Summer 201 5 are now being made available and the schedule of examination form filling activity is as under;

Sr.N0. Activity Target student group Schedule
l . Examination form filling (Normal fee) “X” students of “A” Scheme appearing for equivalent subjects in “G” Scheme 27/02/to


2. Examination form filling

(with Rs.200/- late fee)

“X” students of “A” Scheme appearing for equivalent subjects in “G” Scheme 06/03/to

1 0/03/

3. Examination form filling

(with IQs. 1500/- Penalty)

“X” students of “A” Scheme appearing for equivalent subjects in “G” Scheme 1 1/03/ to

1 5/03/

The students filling examination form under this provision shall abide by the following conditions.

In case the students will have to appear for the examination of more than one subject on the same day and same session of examination on account of the equivalent subjects offered, Such clashes are identified and brought to the notice of student at the time of examination form filling.  In case of clash, the student is given option to choose one subject out of the number of subjects in the clash. The student has to select one subject and confirm accordingly.

The student has provision to appear for the unchosen subject in the next examination.

All Concerned shall abide by the above condition for smooth Conduct of Summer -2015 examination.


M.S.Board of Technical Education,

Mumbai -400 05 1

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