MSBTE Guidelines for Practical examinations

 Guide lines for Conducting Practical Examination

(a) Manufacturing Technology [ME/MH] (b) Manufacturing

Processes (9027) [PG/PT]

  • External Examiner should be Workshop Superintendent or staff member having 4-5 years experience in teaching the Manufacturing Process or Manufacturing Technology subject .
  • The job for the metal turning practical of Manufacturing Processes/ Manufacturing
  • Technology subject must be decided by the Internal Examiner and or External Examiner for
  • that subject prior to one day in advance for the commencement of practical examination.
  • The Workshop Suptt./ Faculty working as Internal Examiner for the above subject will select the job and prepare the job drawing with all clear instructions and make the required number of xerox copies for distribution to the examinee at the time of examination well in advance. He will submit two copies of job drawing along with the marksheet /remuneration bill to MSBTE.
  • Time for practical examination is 3 hours.
  • Job must be given only on Lathe Machine for Metal turning Operations only.
  • The Internal Examiner and/or External Examiner of above subject must observe that an average student should be able to perform the job within specified time (03 hours) hence decide the job and prepare the job drawing accordingly.
  • At least 6 operations should be included for machining like a) Facing (b) Step turning (c) Chamfering (d) Grooving (e) Centering (f) Knurling (g) Taper Turning (External only) (h) Drilling (i) Reaming
  • Machining symbols / tolerances must be specified on the drawing.
  • The M. S. Stock material for the job should be selected and specified in the range of Following dimensions only.
  • should be 40mm to 50 mm
  • Length should be 80mm to 120 mm
  • Depending upon the type and form to be cut for the job, the wastage/scrap/stock removal should not be more than of 5 to 8 mm on either dimensions of metal cutting.
  • The Internal and /or external examiner may have the liberty to select different types of Jobs for each batch of students.
  • The batch size of student’s should not be more than 20 students in each batch. (As per AICTE/MSBTE norms)
  • External Examiner should observe the discipline & safety in work shop
  • Student must bring ‘I’card, Hall ticket. & Apron.
  • Examinee must carry on operation on his own .
  • Supervisor / Instructor may guide student but should not carry out any operation on the Machine.
  1. B) Distribution of Marks
  • 1) External / Internal Examiner should approach to each student & ask basic five questions about the m/c parts, their uses, operations, tooling measuring instruments etc. 10 marks. Remaining 40 marks will be given by Internal and External Examiners. On following points.
  • 2) For completing jobs with all operation 15 Marks
  • 3) Dimensional accuracy 06 Marks
  • 4) Tolerances maintained 06 Marks
  • 5) Surface finish observed. 06 Marks
  • 6) Taper degree 07 Marks

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